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Works On:

Works On:


Crypto Investors

Get into disruptive blockchain projects at “ground-floor” prices. Not during exchange listings. Aggregated deals all on one platform.


New Blockchain Startups

Gain access to a crowd of enthusiastic investors that fund, and promote awareness to your vision. All the tools you need to streamline your entire launch.


Re-Inventing the Launchpad.

It's no secret. The most explosive crypto returns are for people who invest into a project before exchange listings. However, new blockchain startups are ultimately reserved for venture capitalists and the “already” well-to-do. Not the average investor.

Launchpads were born for this reason alone; connecting investors looking for early deals with crypto startups. There's just one fatal problem.

Current IDO platforms are incomplete. Focusing only on fundraising, most platforms don't address the many time-consuming needs of crypto startups. Hiring teams, smart-contract creation, and security audits just to name a few.

Even more problematic, many fail to acquire enough deals to allocate fairly amongst investors.

Our philosphy is quite different.

Our Proprietary "Smart-Launch" Sequence.

WhaleMaker streamlines the entire launch from what we call our "Smart-Launch" Sequence platform (currently being developed on stealth-mode).

Our goal is simple. Allow anyone to go from idea to full project creation, fundraising, and IDO launch on one platform. Reduce both expenses and the time it takes go live from the day of inception.

Retail investors, in return get to engage with startups and access "more" promising deals right from the beginning. Tokens are auto-locked and secured to prevent rug-pulls. No longer would investors have to choose between expensive launchpads, or buying late on exchanges.

We are here to foster a group of contributors, investors, and community of promising projects. It becomes a Win-Win situation for everyone.

As an ecosystem, we essentially become the whale together. Are you in?

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Token Utility

WhaleMaker seeks to become the standard defacto process for all launches and deal aggregation.

WAKER is an Ethereum-based (ERC20) token used to access private deals, governance, and interact with our ecosystem for aggregated deals. The utility of our token will increase over time as we incubate more projects.


Deal Aggregator & Staking

Early access to new crypto project private sales vetted by us, and by our community via membership tiers. Staking opportunities.


Smart-Launch Ecosystem Projects

Priority access to "self-incubated" public launch projects built on the WhaleMaker platform. Access our entire ecosystem. Tokens will be used for fee discounts.


Balanced Allocations

Early access to internal WhaleMaker projects, private sales, and deal aggregated on one platform. Access more allocations via a merit-based system.


Governance and Rewards

Top token holders will have voting rights for the future directions of the Whale community. Tokens will also be incentivized for value add from community participants and events.

TBD Early 2021.

Please sign up to our Telegram for future sale announcements. Check us out for updated information and news


Token Sale

WAKER tokens will initially be sold via seed and private sales. We will then be listed shortly afterwards via IDO.


Membership Tier Access

Membership to WhakeMaker is given to holders based on the following tiers:

Access Level Number of Tokens
Level 1 Baby Calf 500+ WAKER tokens.
Level 2 Juvenile Whale 2,000+ WAKER tokens.
Level 3 Young Whale 15,000+ WAKER tokens.
Level 4 Adult Whale 80,000+ WAKER tokens.
Level 5 Oceanic Leviathan Top 10 Holders of WAKER tokens. Includes voting rights and governance. *Token access subject to change*



Total WAKER token

Total WAKER token supply: Tokens subject to token burn. 11,000,000
Team and Advisors (15%) 1,650,000
Marketing and Partners (11%) 1,210,000
Operations (6%) 660,000
Treasury (20%) 2,200,000
Token Sale (45%) 4,950,000
Exchange (3%) 330,000

Tokenomics Subject to Change.

Are you in?

Roadmap 2021

  • WhaleMaker Incubator Kicks Off
  • Team & Advisory Formation
  • Marketing and Community Building
  • Partnership Outreach
  • Team Expansion
  • Product Development Begins
  • Begin Onboarding Projects
  • Marketing Ramp-up
  • Presale Begins
  • MVP Deployment & Audit
  • ERC-20 Token Creation & Distribution
  • Dex Listing
  • Continue Partnership Development
  • Continue PR & Marketing Efforts
  • Increase Marketing Efforts
  • Secret Project "Atlantis" Begins