frequently asked questions

How does your launchpad work?

WhaleMaker allows crypto investors to get into projects early before launch. By holding the proper token amount for WAKER, you are allowed to stake and get the corresponding investment allocations.

Are all token holder granted governance rights?

Yes. All token holders eligible for our minimum tier and above gain voting rights. This includes votes for projects, governance decisions, and community events. Proposals are submitted by only the Oceanic Leviathan tier+.

I am not a whale, is this a platform only for whales?

Absolutely not. In accordance with our name, we're here allow accessibilty for anyone willing to participate in our community access.

Is WAKER token interoperable?

Not at the moment. WAKER is intended to be a standard ERC20 token when we launch. That aside, however, we are agnostic when it comes to onboarding other projects for incubation. This may include projects on Binance Smart Chain, Cardano, and Polkadot.

How can Whalemaker ensure the success of projects launching on the platform?

While no launchpad can ever guarantee success, we strive for a holistic approach to launching a new crypto project on the market. This mean providing both the tools and post-launch amplifications via partners to ensure continued promotional efforts.

Has the team been involved in any previous crypto or blockchain projects in the past?

Yes! Please refer to our team page for full details.

Are there any collaborations Whale is currently working with?

Yes. Most of our potential partners are kept strictly under wraps.

What sets Whalemaker apart from other launchpads/Incubators?

Simple. We streamline the launch process and make it easier for any crypto project to get to market with much less complexity. Our end-goal is to make it easy for anyone to

I am interested in token sales. Which forms of payment are accepted?

Generally, we'll accept USDT and similar stablecoins for most projects we incubate under our platform.