Our Services

Our solutions are designed to help incubate new crypto organizations. We offer a fair and equal way for the community to access new projects and participate.

Project fundraising tools

At WhaleMaker, we facilitate blockchain projects to access all the required resources for fundraising. Cryptocurrency projects can leverage our services to go from idea to complete creation of project, fundraising, and IDO launch on one unified platform.


All projects are thoroughly vetted by the WhaleMaker community. In addition to this, tokens are auto-locked and secured in order to avoid unethical practices such as rug-pulling. It incentivizes long-term collaboration and commitment from the founders and the team.

Fair Distribution

WhaleMaker uses a tier-based system to provide a fair opportunity for allocation. Every participant will get an opportunity per their tier to ensure fair and efficient participation. This allows retail investors to have equal opportunities to access innovative blockchain solutions.


The leading holders of WAKER tokens are granted community voting rights that allow them to shape the Whale ecosystem. Tokens will also be incentivized for value addition from community participants and events. Holders will also have the chance to participate for staking rewards.